Marine Control and working pressure compressors up to 10 bar

For control and work air applications Sauer can provide special screw and suction compressors for Marine applications. Sauer low pressure air compressors can be supplied according to various standards such as shock and vibration. Standard shipping LROS rules to the highest Navy standards, such as US MIL STD 901 or German BV0432 en 044.

The high quality Sauer compressors can be delivered both as screw and suction compressor, the programme also offers Air- seawater and freshwater-cooled options.

If desired, the compressors can be equipped with air treatment units, they may separately or also be delivered “trunkey”.

Screw Compressor V-belt driven type:

  • SC 26
  • SC 42
  • SC 52

Suction Compressor type:

  • WP 146 L air-cooled
  • WP 226 L air-cooled
  • WP 200 watercooled